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  • YNBtwteIuH - 02/12/2015
    Heck of a job there, it ablueotlsy helps me out.

  • kbIOU7bOyH - 08/05/2014
    Exrmlteey helpful article, please write more.

  • sdGbSCHfDIfZ - 04/04/2013
    I am very sad to hear she's gone. I know she had a couple of young cehdlrin and a doting husband. had a few e-mail exchanges with her and was hoping to someday meet her in person when my travels take me to that part of the woods. I guess that's what happens when we put things off, especially as i suspected from her descriptions of the treatments she was undergoing that her cancer was terminal. Was always amazed at what a life force she had and how easily she could cut through all kinds of bull (even mine). She seemed like a kind as well as a passionate person, with many talents (check the recipes on her web site!) and certainly no push-over. Most hasbara types would fizzle in no time, when subjected to her ire.Here's a comforting thought to all who miss her : according to my new religion (The Matrix, as in we are all simulations ), certain programs are brought back periodically like a variation on a theme*. Since there are indications (flimsy ones!) that the matrix occasionally borrows ideas from some of its own semi-autonomous sub-routines, I'll see what I can do about the most commendable Leila program. _____* ps: just think witty and you'll become a convert too.