• Contest 1 - Mountain bike and Garda Lake needs your help! We're looking for a picture to be used on a future promo depliant, and why don't ask our users to collaborate with us!?
    In collaboration with mtb shop Leoni Cicli, in Riva del Garda, we organize a photo contest called "Mountain Bike & Garda Lake".
    The best picture will win a Specialized mtb helmet (mod. Vice), gently offered by Leoni Cicli.

    Those who want to partecipate, have to send a photo by mail, to , with the subject "contest #1".
    The photos will then be posted on our facebook fan page, in the category "concorso 1 – Mountain Bike & Garda Lake", from friday the 21st Mai , 8.00 pm.
    Until friday the 4st Juny, at 8.00pm , you can vote the picture(s) you like, simply clicking on "i like" button (you need to be fan, in order to vote)!
    The picture that will collect most preferences, will be the winner!

    – All photos must have a defined theme: mountain bike and the Garda lake. This means, in the pictures must be possible to recognise some details which report to the contest theme. Pictures that don't follow that rule, will be deleted. In case of doubt, the autor must give detailed explanation about the location.
    – All pictures must be property of their respective owners. In case of copyright violation, we will exclude the picture immediatly.
    – All pictures must be sent until friday the 21st May , at 7.00 pm. Every email received after this date, will be discarted.
    – The email subject must be "contest #1". Every email with a different subject, will be discarted.
    – All material sent, won't be restituited to the owner.

    – Send your picture by mail to , with subject "contest #1", specyfing you name, address and phone number (we will use them to contact you in case of victory). Remember to add some notes about the location of the picture, this will help us in case of doubt.
    – Only ONE picture per mail is allowed.Only ONE picture should be associated with each email account.
    – As the pictures will be posted, click on the "i like" button to vote it. Ask as many friends as you can to vote it!

    For additional info, requests or questions, please contact us by mail to


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  • g6oSzSAq - 11/06/2015
    It's an unfortunate trade off. That 3 hour coutmme eats the time you have left in the day after work to do daily chores.I guess you could just sleep less.

  • vPFAhxAriqdhDWVAR - 04/04/2013
    Such a deep anwesr! GD&RVVF