• Schwalbe Racing Ralph UST

    At the beginning of last summer I bought a pair of Schwalbe Racing Ralph, in version 2,1 to UST UST 2,25 front and rear.
    After spending a summer with these tires mounted i can give some personal opinion.
    Starting from the mounting operations on the rim, it wa easy, build themselves up and inflate without tools and compressor, have closely followed immediately and did not create any difficulty.
    The test on the field shows that the Racing Ralph are very smooth tyres with the 2.1 rear with the front is 2.25, but these sections are 'somewhat' exaggerated, the real section is a bit 'less when compared to other brands.
    Traction on dry roads, and directionality has always been excellent, while on funds damp or wet tires tend to become slippery and lose grip, especially the front.
    If used at low pressure (I got to use it at 1.5 bar due to my weight of only 56kg), the situation in the wet / mud improves but only slightly.
    The lateral instead proved to be excellent in any situation of land.
    The seal punctures is rather a nice question mark ... because using them as UST with latex until now I have not noticed any punctures ...
    While keeping cuts so far never a problem along a very rocky trails.
    About durability...they are not very durable! wear out fairly quickly but the grip is always good ... I I've covered about 400km and the tread at the rear is almost finished, while the front I would say that we are at a 60%.

    Written by Teg


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  • R9vX0fzESHrr - 02/12/2015
    ho letto con molta curiosite0 il tuo ratnocco, anche perche8 sai catturare chi legge e lo porti propio a 0-3000. bellissimo,era propio come se fossi li con voi!!aspetto il seguito ..

  • sC7cIG0YbZv - 09/06/2015
    I bought both of these at Sea Otter. The Rocket Ron is very fast and super light. I have it moteund up front. It washed on some hard stuff and completely lost it on wet rock. The Nobby Nick out back, is not as fast rolling as I would like but it grabs the dirt with authority. Off-camber, rocky, steep areas were not a problem. Not once did it break free. It has some tall nobs so I expect it to wear well. I've noticed many other tires in this weight range shave the nobs down to save weight thus reducing their effective lifespan.I have both tires moteund on my Stan's 355 rims. The Nobby Nic moteund well tubeless (floor pump) and sealed up perfectly, no leaks whatsoever. The Rocket Ron would not seal. It had numerous holes in the casing and the bead would not seal up no matter how much sealant was exposed to them. To run the Ron tubeless, definitely wait for the snake skin version. But it is super light and it sheds mud (or cow poo) very well. Overall I am happy with them but can see the Ron's sidewalls failing at some point. Buy the Nick but wait for the toughened up Ron.

  • Simo - 23/04/2014
    Lo scarso grip sull'umido deve essere congenito delle Schwalbe... Io sto usando delle Nobby Nic, 27.5x2.35 gonfiate a 2.5bar. Ottime sull'asciutto ma saponette sull'umido. Su asfalto bagnato, in curva, ho anche fatto un 180° con schianto finale... Rimpiango le mie vecchie Kenda Nevegal!

  • rubinho - 18/03/2010
    Anche io ho montato le RR con camera d\'aria da 2.25 e mi sono trovato molto bene, ci ho percorso quasi 1700 km anche se poi alla fine erano proprio alla frutta... Quest\'anno le monto da 2.10 al post. e 2.25 ant. speriamo abbiano la stessa resa. Per me sono molto buone un po care ma ne vale la pena...

  • Rebo - 24/02/2010
    Io ho usato le Racing Ralph da 2.25 per tutta la scorsa stagione (sia anteriore che posteriore) e, dopo aver provato vari tipi di gomme, devo dire che secondo me sono le migliori in commercio per la loro versatilità. Ho percorso più di mille km, con qualsiasi tipo di terreno e non mi hanno mai tradito. Ho fatto anche qualche uscita sulla neve e sono rimesto veramente colpito perchè anche qui avevano un ottimo grip. Per quanto riguarda le forature devo dire che sono molto contento perchè seppur usandole con le camere d'aria ho forato solo due volte e tutte nello stesso giorno. Consiglio quindi questo tipo di gomma a chi non ha ancora trovato la sua gomma ideale, naturalmente nella sezione che più gradisce.