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  • Tour: Passo Nota Downhill 2

    Type: Downhill
    Length: 35.5 km
    Elevation: 1350 m

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    today's tour is for hard people!
    The starting point is Riva del Garda, and take the Ponale trail in direction Ledro Valley.

    At the end of the Ponale, be careful you have to ride a short piece on the main road, with a lot of traffic.
    As you see the bridge to Pregasina, turn left on it, and then right: you'll be on the cycling path which takes you directly to Ledro Lake.
    Make a short break, eat or drink something, and prepare for the hell on earth! You must follow the signs "Rampiledro", that lead to the green fields above Legos, but, insted of taking the usual road to Bocca Fortini, go on for less than 1 km: you will see a trail, in the right side, climbing up in the forest. This is the beginning of a very hard piece of our tour, our legs will suffer a lot!
    Be patient, pain can't last forever! Finally you'll reach the end, the Bocca dei Fortini is
    not far from here: as you reach it, ride on towards Passo Nota.
    Just before the Passo Nota refuge, turn left on the dirt road crossing the field, this will lead to the beginning of the 421 trail (in prossimity of a small hunters hut).
    Prepare your bike, wear protections, beacause the next part is technical, difficult and dangerous: some points maybe require you to descent from your bike, others are more flowing.
    At the end of this single trail, you will find yourself on a large dirty road, which brings you to the shores of the Ledro Lake.
    Follow the main road back to Molina, overpass the restaurant and shops zone, and ride on in direction Legos (sometimes you will see the signs "percorso consigliato").
    The road begins to descent, and it becomes a very funny single trail inside the forest: but be very careful, the ground is made of big stones, usually covered by fallen leaves.
    At a certain point you'll meet the Ledro cycling road again, ride it until the Pregasina bridge and, just before the tunnel, take the path on the left. Initially plain, it becomes the very hard, most of all if it's wet.
    Then the things become finally easier as you reach the Ponale trail back: relax your legs and go back to Riva!

    In conclusion, very hard tour, both the downhill and the uphill will require a lot of concentration. Do it only if you know your bike very well, and if you have the right bike: a bi-ammo with a good fork is preferred!


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  • 82np737b7eVe - 02/12/2015
    fi pensavo di eresse la prima ad aver raggiunto questo problema, ma vedo che sono in buona compagnia baci dall'ormai vecchio utente mac che va a comprare del GEROVITAL ;DDDD

  • N3seaJFjk - 10/06/2015
    Purnima, are right ! It was Askhay...but not Rahul :-)I always get cofeusnd between Rahul and Akshay..! This time too :-)I stand corrected. Thank you !

  • LobiIonxfqt - 06/04/2013
    ena pragma tha soy apnooge tis malakias poy katalathos petaxtike sto moyni tis manas soy h opoia evlepe mallon sta oneira tis oti tin gamoyse mia o mega alexandros kai mia o pleyris!!!ena sxolio exei ginei ston kolo blog soy kai ayto apo mena.SIXAMA

  • CMUuRknliow - 06/04/2013
    imagine, όταν θα βγάλουμε εισητήριο για την Βαλχάλα, όχι μόνο δεν θα μας αφιερώσουν τραγούδι αλλά θα ψάχνουνε τον τάφο μας ν' αποπατήσουν!Χωρίς συναίσθημα λοιπόν!...Not me baby! When I go, I go my own way! I prefer to go with a gun in my hand, buellt in my chest, blood in my mouth...Shannon to JullyFrederick Forsythe "The dogs of war"

  • mtb guide - 26/04/2010
    tour per temerari!!! Dubito che qualcuno riesca stare in sella per tutta la salita che porta a Bocca dei Fortini, il mezzo cerca prepotentemente di impennarsi e disarcionarti... Per non parlare poi del passaggio tecnico in discesa sul 421, ho avuto un pò di timore ad affrontarlo a piedi!!!